eWomenNetwork Toronto Chapter & YourAdOnline

Women continue to launch new businesses and represent one-third of all entrepreneurs worldwide

Yesterday April 22nd, eWomenNetwork Toronto Chapter gathered for a round of Accelerated Networking at one of the most prestigious venues downtown Toronto – The National Club.

eWomenNetwork Managing Director Daniela Spirlac would like to extend a special thank you to the professional photographer Luca from YourAdOnline for capturing these unforgettable moments . Click here to see the pictures of an event like no other http://youradonline.ca/2015/april/22/

Sandra Yancey’s empowering message for women entrepreneurs and professionals is to go for the impossible instead of the ordinary. Success is an inner mind game and women have the power to breakthrough no matter the circumstance or challenge. The key is networking, collaboration, and access to the right resources and insight.

To know more about eWomenNetwork click here https://new.ewomennetwork.com/aboutus.php