Nothing happens by chance

Fei (Eli) Sun

Director, Business Development Freedom 55 Financial

Quadrus Investment Service




Back in China, Eli Sun was seen as a very well educated man with a Bachelor in International Business and Finance and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Strong qualifications matched a successful career with an International Public Trading Company.

Coming to Canada together with his wife and son, was a dream come true and an unforgettable journey.

Eli Sun was very successful in China, now he needed to do the same in Canada, if not for him, for his family. It seems that all the successful people have two things in common: perseverance and the willingness to succeed.

Eli Sun was no different, once arrived in Canada, he enrolled into several high level training courses. He knew he had to learn the Canadian way or the so called ” Canadian experience”.

His first job in Canada: Assistant Manager at Starbucks. You would think that someone with all these amazing qualifications would find it easier to get a job but it doesn’t go this way an immigrant, you need to prove yourself first, you need to show that you are reliable and serious about your career.

One day, after having a conversation with one of his classmates, Eli Sun decided to research on the Internet various companies in the financial industry. Although Eli Sun has learned a lot in his position at Starbucks, he knew that it was time for a career change.

Eli Sun knew what he was looking for: a well-established company with a proven track record of success in the financial industry. “If people don’t know me, they will know the company, “ said Eli Sun. He wanted to work with a company that embraces diversity, and offers unlimited carrier opportunities and advancements. Eli Sun wanted to leverage his strengths in developing a business, creating marketing strategies, teaching and helping Canadians to achieve their financial goals.

From a conversation with one of the students, to taking action and contacting financial firms, Eli Sun landed a job as Financial Security Advisor at Freedom 55 Financial. After ongoing education, trainings and support, as well as exceeding all targets, Eli Sun proved he was now ready to become the Director of Business Development at Freedom 55 Financial.

The moral of the story is that nothing happens by chance. You need to make it happen. Prepare yourself for success, as when the opportunity knocks you must be ready.





Toronto, Canada – Saturday, April 21st 2018

What an event last night!

The inaugural Beauty and Style Expo hosted by Velvet Ave and Urban Curls Toronto offered an amazing show bringing together the most esteemed stylists, hair and makeup artists, vendors and sponsors.

The launch of the Beauty and Style Expo comes at a time when makeup, hair, fashion and beauty is more important than ever.  Whether the look is natural, classic or fashion-forward, this event was meant to help customers experiment with trends and develop a look that’s all their own.

Beauty and Style Expo managed to successfully combine an event agenda that provided knowledge, networking, shopping and much desired entertainment:

Runway Show – Velvet Ave & Bikini Haus

LIVE Hair Demonstration – Kevin Kirk (4 times Bronner Bros Champion)

LIVE Makeup Demonstration – Melanie Viger


  • Alicia McNamara oversees wardrobe direction as the Stylist for ET Canada.
  • Serge El-Azzi is a luxury lifestyle and fashion influencer.
  • Charly Lemassi  Co-founder of “Urban Curls Toronto” and “Institut Keo”Paris
  • Keina Morgan  Co-Founder of Urban Curls Hair Studio, Farouk Systems Educator and Member of Curly Hair Artistry (CHA)
  •  Mélanie Viger Celebrity Makeup Artist
  • Panel Moderator: Kathy Barthel – Journalist, Author and Former TV Producer

ENTERTAINMENT: – Find Your Fierce, Karl Wolf , DJ – La Haute Society




PHOTOGRAPHY Luca Viorel from

EVENT ORGANIZED BY  – BeSocial Event Management Inc.

SOCIAL #BeautyandStyleTO



BeSocial Event Management encounters GOOGLE

History, meet Tyler and Dean from Google & interesting facts and statistics important for your business


Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were Ph.D.  students at Stanford University, California. Together, they own about 14 percent of its shares and control 56 percent of the stockholder voting power through supervoting stock.

In May 2011, the number of monthly unique visitors to Google surpassed one billion for the first time, an 8.4 percent increase from May 2010 (931 million). In January 2013, Google announced it had earned US$50 billion in annual revenue for the year of 2012. This marked the first time the company had reached this feat, topping their 2011 total of $38 billion. For Many years on Fortune magazine’s list of the best companies to work for, Google ranked first .


Meet Tyler and Dean from GOOGLE

Tyler VanderWall is a Google Agency Development Manager, he specializes in helping digital agencies grow, by providing strategic support for your agency, dedicated support for your priority AdWords accounts, and integrated support between key account management and acquisition.

Working primarily with Google Partnered agencies, he collaborates and consults with digital marketing executives to highlight acquisition and new business development opportunities.

Dean Feole currently enjoys being involved in the Google AdWords ETO team in the Canadian market. As an Account Strategist he specializes in building and optimizing professional AdWords campaigns for greater efficiency at scale.

After talking to Dean and Tyler and other GOOGLE specialists we’ve come to the conclusion that time spent with TV and Print are declining, while time spent with Digital media is increasing and there are 1B+ GOOGLE users that reach millions of people, across their entire day. If you never thought of GOOGLE advertisement, talk to one of the GOOGLE specialists; find out if advertising through GOOGLE or YouTube would be the right avenue for you and your business.


GOOGLE Insights, Facts and Statistics Important For Your Business

Did you know that 51% of smart phone users have discovered a new company or product when conducting a search on their smartphones and that 1 in 3 smart phone users have purchased from a company or brand other than the one they were seeking because of information provided in the moment they needed it?

You have a chance to win your competitor’s customers by just showing up or by simply being present in the right moment. Of course we need to add an important ingredient, being present is not enough, you need to be relevant and valuable.

51% of smartphone users have bought from a brand other then their intended one because the information provided was useful and 61% of smartphone users say they’re more likely to buy from companies who customize information to their location.

At our GOOGLE event on August 17th, 2016, Google’s team shared few videos with our guests and we thought you might want to check them out.

Life is lived in moments. And today, so many of these moments are mobile – whether we’re enjoying a new playlist, sharing a vacation photo with family, or checking in on what our friends are up to.


What is a GOOGLE Partner? Why would you choose a GOOGLE Partner?

Google Partners is Google’s program for advertising agencies, digital marketing professionals, and other online consultants who manage AdWords accounts. Achieving Partner status means that you’ve demonstrated AdWords skill and expertise, delivered agency and client revenue growth, met AdWords spend requirements, and sustained and grown your client base. Check out this video.



Last but not least, check out the YouTube Directory, demonstrating how the new app for YouTube easily guides Businesses through creating a professional quality video for your business using your Mobile!





BeSocial Presents – Think and Connect with Google


 Your Customers are looking for YOU – Online!  What are you doing to ensure they will find you?

For most companies it’s extremely frustrating to see their marketing money wasted on ads that never convert into revenue.  Digital Marketing today is more effective than any traditional advertising and more cost efficient!  Website, Social Media, Video, Email, Blogging, What should you do?

The Power of the DMX network

DMX  are  Google Partners, with a Google certified team.

At DMX they know that great design, search engine position or even the newest technology, alone, will not be enough to effectively maximize the power of the internet. It is through the combined strength of the DMX network of creative, analytical, technical and business minds that can best ensure success. That’s an important distinction between DMX and traditional Web Designers, as they focus on delivering true online marketing business solutions, rather than simply creating websites.

The DMX commitment

At DMX they believe that “Your website is just the beginning!” and that a well-Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy is crucial for enhancing your brand image, building consumer confidence, increasing their willingness to do business with you, and converting them into actual customers.

The Event –An interactive online/offline experience

Join the Google Team as they lead an interactive online/offline seminar. Answer your questions about all queries concerning online marketing and show you how to optimize GOOGLE and YOUTUBE advertising to enhance your business.

Meet the Team


Tyler VanderWall and Dean Feole

Tyler VanderWall and Dean Feole


Tyler VanderWall  -Agency Development Manager (GOOGLE)


My name is Tyler VanderWall and I am a Western Michigan University Alumni. I received my Bachelor of Business Administration from the Haworth College of Business in the Spring of 2014. I majored in Advertising and Promotion, minored in General Business, and also received a specialization in Sports Marketing.

Tyler specializes in:

✔ New Business Development

✔ Strategic Growth Planning

✔ AdWords Sales Training

✔ Acquisition & Pitch Partnership

✔ Tailored AdWords Proposals for High Priority Acquisitions


Dean Feole – Agency Account Strategist (GOOGLE)


I help small to medium sized business Google Adwords advertisers optimize their online marketing campaigns to save them money, improve the efficiency of their accounts and help generate their overall brand awareness as needed as a free support service for Google.

Dean specializes in:

✔ Existing Campaign Growth

✔ Tailored Optimization Insights to Meet Campaign Goals

✔ Priority Account Strategy

✔ Search, Display, YouTube Campaign Implementation

The Venue

We’re bringing the 21st century to the elegant Albany Club. To register email us at

BeSocial Event Management Encounters Lisa Montenegro

BeSocial Encounters Lisa Montenegro

 CEO of DMX and a GOOGLE Partner


Taking the Leap of Faith

I was a manager for the Ontario Government and was studying for my MBA when I  snuck in a marketing course. I discovered that I loved marketing and it was if I had found my calling. My partner encouraged me to take the leap of faith and start my own business.

Getting into business without too much risk 

I found out that a good way to get into business without too much risk is by buying a franchise, so that’s what I did. I bought a franchise through WSI (We Simplify the Internet). They had all the training I needed to learn the expertise of online marketing and also the structure of a franchise. It was a good start and I owned the franchise for about a year and a half when I realized I was meant to be more than just a franchise owner. That’s when DMX was born.

Becoming a Google Partner

About a year  and a half after DMX was established, my partner and I were approached by Google to join their Google Partner Program.We had to complete all the certifications required and have a certain number of customers who use all the different advertising platforms such as search,display and youtube.

Google is God in the online world.

Google services basically everything online, so it wouldn’t make sense not to be partnered with them especially if you are in online marketing. Being a Google partner has many benefits for us as a business and our clients. As a business we get constant updates via workshops and training and insights into googles beta testing which we can then share with our customers.

Rules of online engagement

Marketing online with limited financial resources is possible since social media for the most part is free

There are many ways to engage your audience online:

  • Create a facebook page –  sponsor a story and get it out there. Make sure you target it properly.
  • Develop a really good Linkedin profile as this serves as your bio online
  • Use one of the free websites found online, it may not be unique but it serves as your business card online.

Youtube – Win – Win Advertising

Advertising on Youtube is the new norm and is the most effective way of getting  the word out there about your business. Youtube influencers are the new phenomenon. They draw kids and adults alike to their channels and actually have a “following”. These channels are much more effective than any TV commercial we’ve seen to date.

Setting up your own youtube channel enables you to not only advertise on it but monetize it too. When you set up your youtube channel, you can give permission for videos to be shown on it. If you get enough traffic to your site youtube will start showing their advertisements on it and you’ll get paid, thus win – win.

Going Viral – Good or Not

Social media is your personal networking on steroids. You meet someone in person, connect and engage on social media and then reach out to their network building your network hence the viral nature. Going viral in business is when you introduce your concept to your audience and ask them to share it with their connections and so forth so that it spirals and reaches more and more people.

Getting Hooked on Numbers

The number of followers you have is not necessarily an indication of success unless they are actively engaged. On social media it is more important to have an engaged and active audience than merely numbers. Facebook will punish you and your page by not showing any of your content if the algorithm indicates your group is inactive. So rather have 100 engaged followers than 10 000 inactive ones.

Building Trust 

Having many followers can be a double edged sword. Many followers can be good for branding and lends credibility to your business. But on the flipside it can damage your brand if there are lots of “likes” but no one is commenting on your posts or watching your videos. So  be cautious.

Digital Marketing – Predictions for 2017

Video is becoming the front-runner with facebook introducing a new live feed feature. Instagram has increased the length of their videos to 30 seconds.  Even though many businesses don’t want to hear this but online advertising is becoming a necessity.

Instagram is growing and I recommend that every business should be on instagram. Instagram has surpassed Twitter and is now a sensation with all audiences.

Paid advertising pays off. If you have a marketing budget do some google advertising. If you are looking for customers to find you,   help them along by advertising.

Don’t just develop a website – Market it

Being on Googles first page is crucial since you have only 30 seconds to be found. Many businesses make the error of spending money developing a website but then fail to market it effectively. 2  effective ways to get your website found is through SEO which is organic and then generally through advertising. You could try blogging as long as your blogs are tagged with key words.

Also always have something on your website to make people do the action you require from them. Use “Call to action”  buttons which allow customers to call you or download  relevant information. “Pop ups” are making a comeback and are the new trend in getting people to engage with your business.

Fun facts:

Instagram vs Twitter  

Instagram has 300 million followers vs Twitters 255 million

Online hangouts

Social media platforms for females aged between 18 and 44. Linkedin for males.

Words of wisdom

If you are not online YOU NEED TO BE.






BeSocial Event Management Encounters Arlene Dickinson

Arlene Dickinson, CEO of Venture Communications


Arlene Dickinson is one of Canada’s most renowned independent marketing communications entrepreneurs.  As the CEO of venture communications, her creative and strategic approach has turned her company into a powerhouse. 

 BeSocial  was surprised by the Bloomberg statistic stating that 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs fail. Daniela Spirlac asked Arlene Dickinson to share her insights on why this occurs and how to overcome it. 

Ideas are not enough

Being an entrepreneur and beginning a business takes much more than just having creative ideas, it involves having a sound business strategy and the ability to sell. Business is not just sitting behind a desk, it is picking up the phone and asking for that sale. Remember “No Sale , No Business”

If it doesn’t work — Change it

Many quit because being an entrepreneur is hard work. It takes sacrifice, perseverance and creativity to be successful. As an entrepreneur you will face many challenges and have to overcome many obstacles, however, the trick to survival is, if something doesn’t work change it. Don’t give up without a fight.

Be productive not just busy 

Prioritize your business objectives and focus on what is important. Don’t get swamped by the everyday nitty -gritty and lose sight of the big picture.

Knowledge is power

Be confident about your unique selling proposition, articulate what you need and develop a sound business strategy. It is also prudent that you know who your competitors are, their strengths and weakness’and their position in the market.  Keep abreast of changes in the market and implement new and innovative ideas which will enhance your business in the future.

Human Resources

Align yourself with people who share your vision. Let go of those who under-perform and hinder progress with their negativity.

Sustainability is the key

Canada needs to invest in entrepreneurs and programs that are midway not just the start-up’s. Business takes time to get on their feet and many fail in the first 5 years so it makes sense to support those which have already proven their sustainability.


download 2

Pearls of Wisdom by Sandra Yancey, CEO eWomenNetwork

7th Annual eWomenNetwork Success Summit hosted by eWN & BeSocial Event Management Inc.

BeSocial Event Management Inc. & eWomenNetwork were the proud hosts of the 7th Annual eWomenNetwork Success Summit held in Toronto on May 26th. This prestigious gathering of entrepreneurs was held at the historic Albany Club, where excellent service and delectable food complimented the unique array of exhibitors and a dynamic speaker.

Sandra Yancey, the founder and CEO of eWomenNetwork was the featured speaker of the night. This remarkable lady had her audience captivated as she took them on an emotional journey, giving them glimpses of both her personal life and business secrets. By sharing these personal anecdotes and words of wisdom, Sandra encouraged each entrepreneur to “soar with the eagles” – to be courageous and follow their dreams in business and in life.


We would like to take this opportunity to share a few of Sandra Yancey’s pearls of wisdom:


  • The answer is always NO, if you don’t ask.
  • Give yourself permission to succeed.
  • You can’t build a million dollar dream with a minimum wage mindset.
  • Success is hard, so is being broke.
  • Nothing happens to me, it happens for me.
  • It’s not working out because you are aiming too low

Really evaluate the people you have around you to ensure they are committed to your success because, “Not everyone is designed to travel to your future.”

eWomen Network official website


Ken Kragen and Daniela Spirlac Director of BeSocial Events

Ken Kragen is an author, speaker, non-profit consultant, TV & film producer and music manager. In 1985, he was instrumental in securing the talent that appeared on the fund-raising single and album We Are the World. Harry Belafonte contacted Kragen, who was then managing Lionel Richie and Kenny Rogers, about putting together a concert to help raise money for African causes. We are so proud that Daniela Spirlac the Director of BeSocial Event Management Inc., was able to meet and connect with this icon.

We asked Daniela to describe Ken Kragen in few words. “Ken Kragen is phenomenal – extremely creative, a fantastic strategist and very open to meeting new people and take on new ideas.”

Ken Kragen and “Hands Across America” the largest public demonstration ever created. It brought together more than 6 million people in a continuous hand holding line from New York to California for the purpose of raising money and awareness of the plight of the hungry and homeless in this country.