Sustainability is more important now than ever, and hosting a sustainable event does not have to be a burden.People often associate being sustainable as a hassle and a major expense, but its easier than ever.

Here are a few ways to host a more sustainable event:

  1. Create a plan: developing a green strategy is very important to ensure everyone is on the same page to avoid complications. You don’t want people to be confused and misguided.
  2. Research eco-friendly event venues: do your research and check if the venue’s green policies align with your plans. Consider the location, is it easily accessible via public transportation or walking? That can help reduce carbon footprint
  3. Opt for recyclable supplies: Look for biodegradable, recyclable and organic supplies for your event as it can help reduce waste. Go plastic-free or ditch single-use plastic items. Eliminate paper products, opt for LED lighting.
  4. Share your green agenda with exhibitors and attendees: Informing people about your green agenda could be a selling point! Make sure to share your green agenda on all of your platforms to entice people. When you hold a conference or an event which aims to be sustainable, you will leave a legacy for your guests and your host community
  5. Create a waste management program: use reusable utensils and cups, invest in biodegradable products and hire a team to ensure proper disposal of waste. Bins must be clearly marked with signs at eye level to help attendees sort their waste.
  6. Minimize food waste: Consider donating leftover food to foodbanks, shelters and food pantries. Look for catering companies that source locally and ethically.

With the rise of environmentally conscious organizations, many are switching to be environmentally friendly. Being green does not have to be troublesome, all it takes is small steps to a greener planet. 

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