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 Your Customers are looking for YOU – Online!  What are you doing to ensure they will find you?

For most companies it’s extremely frustrating to see their marketing money wasted on ads that never convert into revenue.  Digital Marketing today is more effective than any traditional advertising and more cost efficient!  Website, Social Media, Video, Email, Blogging, What should you do?

The Power of the DMX network

DMX  are  Google Partners, with a Google certified team.

At DMX they know that great design, search engine position or even the newest technology, alone, will not be enough to effectively maximize the power of the internet. It is through the combined strength of the DMX network of creative, analytical, technical and business minds that can best ensure success. That’s an important distinction between DMX and traditional Web Designers, as they focus on delivering true online marketing business solutions, rather than simply creating websites.

The DMX commitment

At DMX they believe that “Your website is just the beginning!” and that a well-Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy is crucial for enhancing your brand image, building consumer confidence, increasing their willingness to do business with you, and converting them into actual customers.

The Event –An interactive online/offline experience

Join the Google Team as they lead an interactive online/offline seminar. Answer your questions about all queries concerning online marketing and show you how to optimize GOOGLE and YOUTUBE advertising to enhance your business.

Meet the Team


Tyler VanderWall and Dean Feole

Tyler VanderWall and Dean Feole


Tyler VanderWall  -Agency Development Manager (GOOGLE)


My name is Tyler VanderWall and I am a Western Michigan University Alumni. I received my Bachelor of Business Administration from the Haworth College of Business in the Spring of 2014. I majored in Advertising and Promotion, minored in General Business, and also received a specialization in Sports Marketing.

Tyler specializes in:

✔ New Business Development

✔ Strategic Growth Planning

✔ AdWords Sales Training

✔ Acquisition & Pitch Partnership

✔ Tailored AdWords Proposals for High Priority Acquisitions


Dean Feole – Agency Account Strategist (GOOGLE)


I help small to medium sized business Google Adwords advertisers optimize their online marketing campaigns to save them money, improve the efficiency of their accounts and help generate their overall brand awareness as needed as a free support service for Google.

Dean specializes in:

✔ Existing Campaign Growth

✔ Tailored Optimization Insights to Meet Campaign Goals

✔ Priority Account Strategy

✔ Search, Display, YouTube Campaign Implementation

The Venue

We’re bringing the 21st century to the elegant Albany Club. To register email us at