Meet Yvonne Ruke Akpoveta, OliveBlue Inc.

The Change Leadership Conference Toronto. Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Change Consultant, Leadership Coach, Speaker and Author. She is an Organisational Change Management Consultant, Certified PRINCE2 Project Manager and certified John C. Maxwell Coach, Speaker & Teacher on Leadership principles.


She holds a BSc honours in Business Information Technology & Marketing from London Guildhall University, and an MBA with Warwick Business School, England.


Yvonne is multifaceted, having worked with a variety of clients including JP Morgan Chase, Royal Bank Canada, Deloitte, Phillips Consulting, and General Motors to deliver strategic and business critical projects. During her time with these organisations, she led major projects, pioneered change, and gained invaluable experience in developing individuals and businesses to help them drive results.


Her international experience in Europe, Africa and North America has afforded her exposure to diverse business environments and a proficiency in thinking outside the box.


She is also a published author, and an Inspirational and ‘Tell it like it is’ speaker, who is passionate about helping individuals, entrepreneurs and organisations drive change and achieve their goals.


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