Jing (Gina) Yang

   Director, Advisor Experience Freedom 55 Financial

                                             Quadrus Investment Ltd


A great way to predict the future is to create it!


Leaving her loved ones behind, a very well paid job, a country that for decades she called home, only to move to a new continent, with a new set of values and to be part of a completely different culture, is not an easy task.

Embracing change and succeeding against all odds, some may say it’s a dream.

Gina Yang made it happen! How?

In less then two months after landing in Canada, Gina Yang received a phone call after she put her resume online. It was a request for an interview with one of the financial institutions.Some might say it was a call of destiny; a call with a unique opportunity that Gina decided to take. What she did not realize at the time, is that she actually embarked on a journey to success.

London Life has a long history in the Canadian Market Place. “In 2000, London Life rebranded its financial security planning arm as Freedom 55 Financial, a full financial security planning organization. “

Gina was a solid candidate for the Financial Advisor position with Freedom 55 Financial. She had a Master in Business Administration, graduating from a Chinese – European International Business School and many years of managerial experience, but there was one problem: she was new to Canada and she had no network.

What to do? give up? …or keep trying?

On the contrary Gina Yang, turned her weakness into strength. 

She mentioned about the opportunity of becoming Financial Advisor to all her acquaintances, she told them what she needed to do in order to enter this field but most importantly, she showed her passion and desire of succeeding in Canada. Everyone she knew and they were not too many people, came together with one purpose: to assist Gina in her journey.

We may say, there is a moral in her story – In order to succeed you have to believe and take action towards your goals! ask for help and guidance as nobody makes it alone. People will help but only if you help your self first.

Today Gina Yang is a Director at Freedom 55 Financial and now she would like to give back to the community by assisting other passionate individuals to succeed in this amazing career.